Hard Life Lessons? I Know All About Them.

 Learn How To Better Navigate Through Singleness, Relationships, Marriage and Parenthood in my new book. 

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David E. Goodin




Can't we all just get along? 

This session will provide wisdom and insight to promote positive communication, healthy boundaries, and techniques to cultivate successful relationships



You've said Yes, now what?

 This session will provide exercises for the couple, tools that can be applied after marriage and a certificate of completion.

In life there will be many phases, we all experience a dip. But it's most important to make it out of the dip together.  Let's work together to identify the problem and provide a solution.

Blended Families

Yours, Mine and Ours. 

Blending families can be tough, this session will allow a candid conversation, tools to better navigate moving forward and a check-in on progress being made.


I just read the first 10 pages and I think I need a counseling session.


It's really good so far, great gems and quotes.


This book answered questions I wish I was able to ask my father before he passed.