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Counseling Services

Singles Counseling

I believe you can see successfully single. Regardless of the topic at hand we will work together to find the wisdom and knowledge to move forward. 

Are you in a relationship thinking about getting married or engaged seeking premarital counseling? This option is for you. Relationship or Premarital counseling allows a couple talk candidly about their beliefs, views and more. This session will provide exercises for the couple, tools that can be applied after marriage and a completion certificate. 

In life there will be many phases, we all experience a dip. But it's most important to make it out of the dip together. Counseling does not always mean there's an issue, this can be used as an opportunity to rebuild or refocus the marriage.

Navigating through the phases and stages of a blended or step family can sometimes we tough, you are dealing with different people and wanting to make the best decisions for your family. In this session you will walk away with clarity and tools to help better navigate through the blended family ups and downs.

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