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This book is designed to take you through some of life’s most precious areas. In each area, you’ll find short stories, passages, quotes, and real life situations that I’ve endured as I’ve grown. I’ve learned many lessons and not only is my desire to share, but to prevent many of life’s struggles due to the lack of wisdom shared. Relationships, marriages, parenting, blended families, being single and prosperity areas to name a few are some of life’s biggest challenges. Each bullet point is a new thought, each tip is outlined to demonstrate a lesson, and each passage is to give you real life scenarios I’ve either heard or endured. My desire is to share my heart, and my learned lessons to prevent you from enduring heartache and having to carry the pain associated with missing some of these lessons and talks from the Father you may have never had. I pray that you are blessed and are able to receive these as they come from my heart.




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